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About Us

Our Mission
To sell the best products with the best value and service while treating every customer with family pride and providing a relaxed, state-of-the-art environment

Who are the Sarmazian Brothers?

Tony, Harry, Steve and Jack Sarmazian started their business as professional carpet installers, and since 1970 quickly established the industry standard for superior customer service and quality workmanship.

Carrying their dedicated work ethic and commitment to customer service into their retail division, they received the prestigious Flooring Institute of Ontario Dealer of the Year award and the Trillium Dealer of the Year award.

The Sarmazian Brothers are passionate about providing the best selection of quality products for their valued customers at the best possible price.

Uncompromising Quality and Service

Over their history of selling top quality floor coverings, Sarmazian Bros. Ltd.'s reputation of high calibre products and service is continually being enhanced by the testimonials of its customers. As a family owned business, the Sarmazian brothers and their staff pride themselves on the ability to provide the best end-to-end purchasing experience in the market. New flooring is the foundation of personal expression in any home; at the same time it is one of the most costly investments. That is why Sarmazian's takes the extra time to supply the expert knowledge, exceptional pricing, and professional installation enabling to transfer optimum satisfaction to the customer.

Sarmazian's award winning showrooms allow the imagination to go wild. The spacious design and interactive layouts let customers browse, touch & feel the extensive selection of merchandise in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. Because Sarmazian Bros. deals directly with the manufacturers and installers we offer quicker service, better support, and pass on the savings directly to you, the customer. At Sarmazians you will be taken through each step of the purchasing process from colour co-ordination and selection to installation and after-sales service. A talented staff of certified craftsmen and artisans will come to your home and do the job right, leaving you and your friends in awe. It is Sarmazian's keen commitment to service and value that ensures your purchasing experience will be a positive memory for years to come.

Designers and Inventors - The Kneeless Carpet Stretcher

The Sarmazian brothers are so dedicated to their craft that they invented an innovative, health saving device called the "kneeless carpet stretcher" which has received international acclaim and amassed over 200,000 hits on YouTube! With the kneeless carpet stretcher you can successfully install bubble free carpet without any flesh and bone pounding which is unlike the traditional carpet kicker. The kneeless is lightweight, fast and easy to use, and requires no assembly. The kneeless offers both a side and a length stretch in one motion. This allows precise control of tension and placement with an over all even stretch. Door metal installation is much easier with the kneeless because it gives complete control of placement. Working in confined areas, such as closets and corners is much easier with this carpet tool.


National Floorcovering Alliance

National Floorcovering Alliance

We are proud to be a member of the National Floorcovering Alliance (NFA), an elite group of carpet and flooring dealers selected from an industry consensus of the largest and finest in North America. The NFA was created in 1991 by eight of the most powerful retailers in the United States.

Fewer than one tenth of one percent of all carpet and flooring dealers meet the exacting criteria required for consideration for membership in this organization. Uncommonly large volume and preeminent industry reputation are among the exacting prerequisites applied.

Members enjoy uniquely advantageous agreements from many of the world’s leading manufacturers of floor covering products. The sharing of best practices and the special opportunities for exclusive products and purchasing opportunities are among the principal benefits that NFA member companies enjoy.

The NFA is all about change. We have a dynamic view of the world and consequently, we want to continue to be the change agents for our industry. Our vision for the future is firmly based on retail customer expectations. We and our supplier partners must find ways to continue to take costs out of the channels, enhance brand profitability, design innovative ways to educate staff and customers, and strengthen our categories against competing industries.

The NFA is committed to bring the highest value to our members, financially and by idea exchange, and to make a real difference to our suppliers, creating unique synergy and leadership to our industry.