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We are a “one stop shop” for renovators and contractors to find the right flooring products to get the job done. Tailored specifically for renovators, contractors and do-it-yourselfers, our our two locations carry a wide variety of products and supplies to help you with your project. If you prefer us to install the flooring for you, our installation department is ready to schedule any jobs that you may need done. Just so you have time for other things.

We carry a range of products including:

  1. In-stock Tile/LVP/Vinyl/VCT/Carpet/Laminate/Hardwood
  2. Cushion (Carpet/Laminate)
  3. Tack Strip (Wood/Concrete)
  4. Seaming Tape
  5. Adhesive (Carpet/Vinyl/Hardwood/LVT/Mastic)
  6. Mortar (Grey/White)
  7. Grout (Sanded/Unsanded)
  8. Spacers/sponges/buckets
  9. Wet saw for Tile (Cambridge Only)
  10. Sealers/Cleaners (Stone)
  11. Metals (Tile/Carpet/Vinyl)
  12. Trowels (Tile/Carpet/Vinyl)
  13. Mahogany Subfloor ΒΌ”
  14. Subflor Systems
  15. Transitions (Hardwood/Laminate)
  16. Schluter Ditra/Kerdi
  17. Schluter Shower Kits/Drains
  18. Wax paper
  19. Seam-sealer (Vinyl)
  20. Feather Patch

Contact us about the renovators/contactors pricing program.